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ride 2 - a life long desire… [2014/08/04]

One of my recurring life wishes/desires is to buy a tugboat and use it as an escape vessel.

On this day's ride, my eyes wandered and landed on a boat that immediately brought all those tugboat thoughts to the forefront. I think it has something to do with a book I read and fell in love with when I was a youngster - The Lion's Paw (Robb White, 1946).

The book has been out of print for a very long time, but I managed to find a copy a few years back and re-read it. I then gave it to someone whom I thought would enjoy the storyline (because he hates to read). He didn't read it and he didn't return it either...


Back to the boat in my view today... yes, this is the second instalment of "seeing" versus "looking". My eyes saw it and it simply lay there front and center.

But now that I am back home in front of my computer, I am disappointed at the quality of the image - what should I expect, it's an iPhone!

I think it's time for me to seriously consider a proper compact camera system...

(PS - I have since acquired another copy of The Lion’s Paw and I have also acquired a compact mirrorless camera system!)

nico gareri