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camera ready

This photograph is a treasured shot for me. It's a very simple example of why it's always a great idea to have a camera nearby and ready to shoot.


A couple of years ago, I had attended a photo seminar in Mississauga and was en route to Vistek (photographic supplier) when I drove by a housing development site that had just been cleared and staked out (lot surveyed). It must have been a parcel of approximately 20 acres. I sat there in my car and simply stared at this natural shot opportunity. I parked the car, walked a few hundred feet into the property (snow was deep), composed the frame of what appeared to be the signature piece of the spot - a single line of trees and the skeleton of an old brick or stone house - and presto! When I looked at the capture, a shroud of sadness came over me because it seemed as though the shot was a "good-bye" statement of a once beautiful natural setting.

It seemed very appropriate to make the image a black & white.

nico gareri