Studio updates.

ride 1 - back on the bike and forcing myself to "see" [2014/08/02]

I'm certain we've all heard the phrase "... looking but not seeing...".

To "look" is one thing; to "see" is another. I think the way I can best describe it is that "looking" is passive while "seeing" is an active process.

Good photographers see very well. They actively interpret what lies before them and they are able to capture an image while incorporating their personal visual signature on it. Looking becomes seeing.

I attended a retreat once and one of the exercises was to go outdoors and to force ourselves to "see" things - and not to take what we looked at as the ultimate "view". It's a great exercise for artists who are "blocked" and need a motivator.

Well, today I decided to get on my bike and tackled two things at the same time - getting physically and visually fit!

I went to my favourite spot - Tommy Thompson Park - and respectfully did my thing...

In an effort to spark my vision, I decided to take pictures with my iPhone, and resolved to post one image per ride - in an effort to hopefully catalogue my progress, or staleness.

So, here I present today's image - a work of art by an itinerant artist at one of the dump areas (with some typical constructs in the background)...



nico gareri