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ride 5 - autumn finale [2014/09/20]

This was my last September ride. A rush job indeed as I had to nurse some soreness as a result of a fender-bender.

Late in the day I rushed to Tommy Thomson Park and attempted to ride into the sunset... but the wind had other plans! It was great exercise, but psychologically defeating as I slowed at least a full 10 kph as a result of the strong winds! After an hour and a half, I threw in the towel.

As I lapped the park, I noticed a quiet lookout point - that I decided would be this day's spot from which to shoot. At the end of my ride, I made my way there and quietly observed as the sun was setting behind the Toronto skyline.


Of course, as much as I like my iPhone 5, the quality of this image is not ideal. But, I think it's a decent attempt with the utilized technology. I keep reminding myself that it is purely a quick documentation of a day's event. If I had truly wanted to do the scene justice, I would have transported my full gear... but that is not an easy task when the objective is to be as light as possible for the sake of cycling.

Oh well, it is what it is... hope you like it… I do.

nico gareri