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cherry beach fairies

This image was captured at approximately 6am.

12 Quattro_MG_9021.jpg

It was a rather chilly morning and just about 100 feet from the water; and it was my second weekend shooting for the Bud Babes Calendar.

I had been invited to shoot the weekend before and I had so much fun that I was glad to be invited back for more. Most of the people involved had not slept as they transitioned directly from an all-night party to the shoot location - Cherry Beach in Toronto. The entire Calendar concept was developed by a team of very enthusiastic and devoted artists/designers but I had no input. I was a late comer and a generally passive shooter.

This particular shot presented significant lighting challenges because it was captured in relative dark surroundings. The only light used was that emitted by the candles on the blanket. We lit as many as possible in order to get the light levels high enough to be able to focus our cameras. The sparklers were a welcomed addition and luckily I had some reflectors to bounce back whatever little light was destined to escape. The rest was up to the photographers. We opened up the lenses and extended the exposure time as much as possible.

I took over a hundred shots and this one was my choice from the lot... and it made the calendar! Twice surprised - once for getting such clarity and depth in the image, the other for having it selected for the calendar.

Shot at f/2.8 for 1/4 second with a Canon f/1.8 15mm wide angle lens on a Canon 20D.

Hope you like it.

nico gareri